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About us...
This Vintage Life is an on-line only retailer of vintage homewares and collectables. I love nostalgia and have been buying and collecting for 20 years. The thrill of finding that special piece never goes away ~ be it the auction saleroom, antique fair or car boot sale. Who knows what undiscovered treasure may be lurking at the bottom of a box or stuffed under a table.
A little wear or shabbiness is not off-putting to the lover of vintage. Indeed, this is something to be embraced as a sign that your find has been used and well-loved in a previous life. With a bit of care and sometimes a small amount of elbow grease it can go on giving pleasure for years to come. Vintage says 'home' like no mass-produced, high street buy ever could by bringing instant warmth, charm and character to a room. You will have the added benefit of a unique home, lovingly put together and a pleasure to spend time in.
This Vintage Life was created to allow me to share my love of vintage with you, bringing all those hard to find but essential items that make a house a home direct to your door. Together, I hope we can continue to enjoy a vintage life!
Best wishes,
This Vintage Life...
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